Saddlery near Geneva, Swiss saddlery craftsman

Sellier Courtenay, sellerie bourrellerie près de Genève

What does Les Selliers du Domaine have to offer?

We are a team of craftsmen specialized in saddlery. A saddler is a craftsman who designs, manufactures and repairs leather goods such as car seats, saddles, leather goods, etc.
The term “sellier” is derived from the French word “selle”, as historically, saddlers specialized in making saddles for horses.

Our work as saddlers requires both technical and artistic skills. We work with different types of leather, master specific sewing techniques, use specialized tools and understand the structure and anatomy of the leather objects we make.

Our saddlery business has evolved over time, not least because of changes in modes of transport. We continue to play an important role in the creation and repair of high-quality leather goods, including in the specific automotive and motorcycle sectors. We work independently in our own workshop in Courtenay, Isère.


Car seat repair and restoration in Vaulx-en-Velin

Our team specializes in the repair and renovation of leather car seats. If you have a leather car seat that is damaged, with tears, faulty stitching or discolored areas, we can help you repair and restore it.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to call on us to repair or restore a leather car seat:

  • Tear repair: If your leather car seat has tears or snags, we can repair them using specialized sewing techniques. We can also reinforce damaged areas to prevent the tear from getting worse.
  • Restoring seams: Seams on leather car seats can wear over time. We can repair faulty seams by reinforcing them or replacing them with strong new ones.
  • Color restoration: If your leather car seat has faded areas or stains, we can restore the original color or dye the leather to give it a new, uniform appearance.
  • Replacing leather panels: In some cases, if a major part of the leather car seat is damaged and cannot be repaired, we can replace the defective leather panels. They can match the texture, color and style of the original leather, so that the seat looks consistent.

We have a team of saddlers specialized in car repairs, with extensive experience in repairing leather car seats.

Want to renovate your car seat? Contact Les Selliers du Domaine, a team of professionals based in Courtenay, just a few minutes from Vaulx-en-Velin!


Motorcycle saddle in Vaulx-en-Velin

Are you a biker looking for a custom-made saddle? It’s possible with Les Selliers du Domaine!
Creating a motorcycle saddle is a complex process that requires specialized saddlery and design skills. Our team offers you a complete service, from design to finishing:

  • Design: First, we define the style and design of the saddle according to your preferences. This can include the choice of materials, colors, patterns and finishes. But also your needs in terms of comfort and riding style.
  • Measurements: Our saddler takes precise measurements of the motorcycle frame and rider position to ensure that the saddle fits the motorcycle perfectly and offers optimum comfort.
  • Making the base: Once the measurements have been taken, a solid base for the saddle is made. This may involve creating a custom metal or plastic frame to serve as a structural base.
  • Padding: We use high-quality padding materials, such as variable-density foam, to create saddle comfort. The foam is cut and sculpted to the desired shape.
  • Leather covering: Once the saddle form and padding are in place, we apply a leather covering. The leather is cut to the size and shape of the saddle, then stretched, trimmed and fixed to give a smooth, professional finish.
  • Stitching and finishing: Seams are precision-crafted for durability and aesthetic appeal. Additional finishes, such as reinforcing strips, rivets or decorative nails, can also be added to suit the desired style.
  • Installation: Once the saddle is finished, it can be installed on the bike!


Renovation Renault Alpine Vaulx-en-Velin

Restoration Renault Sport Vaulx-en-Velin

Do you own an Alpine and want to renovate it? Whether it’s a classic car or a more recent model, we can help you with this exciting project!
Once we’ve assessed the general condition of your upholstery and identified the areas in need of repair, we offer to repair and restore your interior. In fact, the interior of the Alpine may require renovation, including replacement of seats, carpets, upholstery, headlining, and so on. We can renovate your interior to preserve its original look, or give it a completely new aesthetic!
Do you have a specific request? Would you like to restore your boat seats or create a custom-made leather goods item? For all your leather needs, think Selliers du Domaine! Contact us with any questions you may have, and we’ll send you a personalized quote.

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