– Expédition en France, au Royaume-Uni et à l’international –

IGCL-Integrale Grand Comfort Long (bulging head presse)

IGCL tub cover:

– Imitation and Velvet 378

– All imitated 396

IgCL complete tub:

– Imitation and Velvet: 593

– Everything simili: 611

Available in several colours or materials (leather) to choose from.


– “A” leather

– Pair of harness attachment paws

– Double stitching or sting of different color

– Central opening for harness passage


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IGCL-Integrale Grand Confort Long

This large bucket with curved headrest provides maximum comfort

Thanks to its high waist, its enveloping body, it will give you all the comfort necessary for a pleasant ride.

Its vintage look will fit in all types of vehicles.

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